Amateur Radio Software

This is a list of amateur radio software I use with my radio gear.

Multimode data and logging

Ham Radio Deluxe : Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) is an integrated suite of software products for amateur radio. The five modules in the suite provide rig control, logging, digital communications, satellite tracking, and rotator control. I use the older, free edition.

Cloudlog : Cloudlog is an open-source PHP & MySQL based amateur radio logging application, allowing you to log contacts via a web browser on any device and platform.

This is an ideal general-purpose logging application, supporting HF to Microwave, it can even interface with your radio via CAT, sync logs from WSJT-X & if you are a satellite operator integrates with SatPC32.


JT65-HF : Amateur Radio software for reception/transmission of JT65A protocol with an emphasis upon its usage in the High Frequency Amateur Bands.


WSJT-X : WSJT-X implements communication protocols or “modes” called FT8, JT4, JT9, JT65, QRA64, ISCAT, MSK144, and WSPR, as well as one called Echo for detecting and measuring your own radio signals reflected from the Moon. I maninly use this application for FT8 operation

APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System)

Dire Wolf : Dire Wolf is a software “soundcard” AX.25 packet modem/TNC and APRS encoder/decoder. It can be used stand-alone to observe APRS traffic, as a tracker, digipeater, APRStt gateway, or Internet Gateway (IGate).

Xastir : Xastir is an open source software project maintained by Developers and Contributors from all over the globe and is provided free under the GNU General Public License. From its early beginnings, Xastir has evolved into a very robust client with a rich feature set that rivals any other APRS client.  Xastir is the best APRS software package for Linux.

APRSISCE/32 : APRSISCE/32 is an advanced Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) Client for Amateur Radio, written for Windows (x86 and x64) and Windows Mobile (CE). It will also run on Linux and Mac OS under WINE, as well as other virtual machines.

Aprx Digipeater Software : Aprx is a software package designed to run on any POSIX platform (Linux/BSD/Unix/etc.) and act as an APRS Digipeater and/or Internet Gateway. Aprx is able to support most APRS infrastructure deployments, including single stand-alone digipeaters, receive-only Internet gateways, full RF-gateways for bi-directional routing of traffic, and multi-port digipeaters operating on multiple channels or with multiple directional transceivers.

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