Universal Radio Controller – APRS Digipeater & KISS Modem

Introducing the G1LRO APRS Digipeater & Kiss Modem personality board. This addon for the Universal Radio Controller adds a TNC for APRS and packet usage. The TNC modem is making use of the VP-Digi code running on a “Blue Pill” STM32F103C8 board.

Setting it up didn’t take too long, except for the three-day wait for a replacement Blue Pill board since the spare I had turned out to be faulty.

After assembling and installing the v2.2 Universal Radio Controller, and connecting it to my PC, I was transmitting APRS data within minutes without needing to calibrate the audio. The URC was connected to my Quansheng UV-K5.

I’m quite impressed so far, even though I’ve only used it as a KISS APRS modem. I’ll connect it to my packet node (MB7NER) in a day or two. I’ll share my experiences here soon.

Top job G1LRO!

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