An AI story about M1NER

This short story was written by the new Bing AI assistant. I asked it “write a short story about m1ner”

M1ner was a radio enthusiast who loved to communicate with people around the world using his amateur station. He had been interested in radio since he was a child, when he received his first walkie-talkie as a gift from his uncle. He later obtained his foundation license and upgraded to intermediate and full licenses over the years. He enjoyed experimenting with different modes and frequencies, and participated in various contests and events.

One day, he received an invitation to join a special event station that was celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. He was thrilled to be part of such a historic occasion, and eagerly accepted the offer. He packed his equipment and drove to the location where the event station was set up.

He arrived at a large field where several tents and antennas were erected. He met with the organizers and other operators who welcomed him warmly. He was assigned a callsign: MQ1NER. He felt honored to use such a unique prefix that would only be available for a limited time.

He set up his radio in one of the tents and started calling CQ on 20 meters. He soon got many responses from stations all over Europe, Asia, Africa, and even Australia. He exchanged signal reports, names, locations, and greetings with each contact. He logged each QSO on his laptop using an online service that automatically uploaded them to a database.

He had so much fun that he lost track of time. He only realized how late it was when he heard someone calling him for dinner. He thanked his last contact and turned off his radio. He joined the others at a nearby table where they shared food and stories.

He felt happy and fulfilled as he ate and chatted with his fellow radio amateurs. He realized that he had made many new friends through this hobby that connected him with people across borders and cultures.

He decided to stay for another day at the event station before heading back home. He looked forward to making more contacts and memories with MQ1NER.

The end.

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