Amateur Television for the BBC Micro by Ron Bray G8VEH

Being a vintage computer collector (My Retro Computing site) and an amateur radio enthusiast it’s always a nice surprise to find some software that covers both bases.

On a disk I found today was some ATV software by Ron Bray G8VEH for the BBC Micro. The software designed test cards and other screens to be transmitted over ATV.

After reading the read me file that came with the software, I re-configured it for my call sign and locator. Take a look through the screen captures I have taken. I took the screen shots from inside an emulator. I have tried the software on the real hardware, and it looks great!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the hardware to transmit ATV signals, although I could send them via SSTV.

Here is a copy of the instructions that came with the software readme.txt I will upload a copy of the disk if I can get approval from the writer of the software.

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